Regulations of the IMUSIO distance international vocal competition
Goals and objectives of the competition

Creation of a regular music competition for children and adults, which provides the ability to exchange creative success among the groups and soloists of various genres and styles.

Support for talented performers, the realization of their creative potential.

Sharing of experience and leadership skills.

Equal opportunity to make a statement.

Strengthening mutual understanding and friendly relations between children, youth and professionals.

Expanding the horizons and intellectual level of children and youth.

Improvement of musicians performing skills.

Cultural interaction among representatives of different cities and countries.

Competition conditions:

Musicians are permitted to participate in festival-competition:

- groups, ensembles, and soloists;
- ensembles and soloists of children's art schools, children's music schools;
- ensembles and soloists of secondary schools and other educational institutions;
- ensembles and soloists of cultural and leisure institutions.

Age categories:

A) up to 6 years
B) from 7 to 9 years
C) from 10 to 13 years
D) from 14 to 17 years
E) 18 years and above

The age category for groups and ensembles is considered the average age of the group.


  1. Pop vocal - solo
  2. Pop vocal - groups
  3. Folk vocal - solo
  4. Folk vocal - ensembles
  5. Author's song

ATTENTION! Each participant or team can take part in several categories.

Fee conditions:

For all nominations and categories - 1300 rubles (you can declare only 1 supervised number in each nomination up to 5 minutes);

A competitor can take part in several nominations.

Payment of the entry fee is made during the deadline for accepting applications until March 1, 2020.

Payment won't be permitted on the competition day.

Application procedure:

Apply for participation. It can be done by two ways.

The first one: visit the site, fill out the online questionnaire, and click on "Apply for participation"

The second one: send an email to with the following information:

  • Name
  • Surname
  • Telephone
  • Date of Birth
  • The country
  • Region / City
  • Nomination
  • Program
  • Link to video
After applying, you need to pay the entry fee on the website during the deadline for accepting applications and no later than March 01, 2020. Payment will not be permitted on the competition day.

Within 24 hours you will receive a response to the e-mail with confirmation that your application has been received by us. If there is no answer, then you should contact us using the contact details listed on the website and confirm participation.

Deadline for applying is up to and including March 01.

Songs may be performed in any language

Technical requirements for the contest video:

Video recording must be made specifically for the IMUSIO contest. Videos from other contests will not be accepted!
Be sure to say the phrase at the beginning of the video "Especially for IMUSIO"
place in the frame a sheet with the written word "IMUSIO" (you can print our logo from this file)

Video of your speech must be uploaded to any file hosting service (for example: Yandex.Disk, Dropbox, etc.). Format - MP4, AVI, MOV. The video should be of good quality, the performer should be visible in the frame (face, hands), the sound on the video should not contain extraneous noise (conversations, noise on the street, etc.).

The time limit for one performance is no more than 5 minutes.

DOUBLE vocals (voice dubbing of the main part) for soloists are forbidden.

Backing vocals are permitted only in the refrain of the song.

For "Pop vocal - solo", and " Pop vocal groups" nominations, performance only with a minus. With live accompaniment is FORBIDDEN!

Vocalist's performances with "+" phonogram are forbidden.

Competition procedure and performances rating:

1. All competitive videos that meet the technical requirements will be watched and evaluated by the jury from March 01 to March 06.
2. The organizing committee will take stock on March 7th.
3. Awards and diplomas will be sent to participants by mail.

Rating criteria:

1. Performing skills and technique: vocal range, intonation, sense of rhythm, ability to use a microphone.

2. Artistry: self-expression, contact with the audience, the ability to perform the work.

3. Creativity: the creativity of execution manner, the originality of the costume and props.

4. The program level: the complexity, the correspondence of the age category repertoire and the performer's opportunities.

5. Natural timbre

The participant's performance is evaluated according to a 50-point system. Maximum 10 points for each criterion. The maximum possible result provided by one jury member - 50 points.

Prize fund and awards:

The award includes the following titles:

- Grand Prix

- Laureate (I, II, III degrees): for each age group and nomination. All laureates will be awarded by diplomas and prizes of various statuses to the discretion of the organizers.

- Diploma-winner: all the solo performers and ensembles of any criteria will be honored by diplomas, with no exception.

- Teachers who prepared the contestants will get the certificates of appreciation

Every age category will be awarded by the Grand Prix at the stages, presented to the participant who scored 50 points from all members of the jury. If there is no participant with 50 points in the category, then by a decision of the jury this title can be awarded to the best contestant in this category.

The best performances will receive the opportunity to participate in the IMUSIO full-time contest for free

The total points are calculated upon the following formula:

(A1+ A2 + A3 …) / B = C

A – jury member
B - number of jury members
С - summary of the points for performance

50 points - Grand-Prix
47-49 points - The I Prize Laureate
44-46 points - The II Prize Laureate
40-43 points - The III Prize Laureate
Up to 39 points - Diploma-Winner

The number of Laureate titles of any degree is UNLIMITED!

Attention! A competitor performs one song in one nomination, according to which he is evaluated. If a participant has declared himself in several nominations, then he receives a title in each declared nomination.

The brightest performs will be invited to attend other IMUSIO events.

The decision of the jury is not discussed and is not subject to review.
The jury reserves the right to disqualify participants who violate this rule and deprive them of their award. In this case, the entry fee is not refundable.

Jury members:

Members of the jury include vocalists, teachers in vocal-jazz and folk vocals, producers, composers, songwriters, teachers of vocal art studios.

Photo and video shooting:

Professional photo and video operators of the Organizing Committee will work at the competition.

Special conditions:

In case the participant fails to appear for the competition for any reason beyond the control of the organizers, the entry fee is not refundable.

75% of the entry fee can be returned at specified details or transferred to the next competition, in case if organizers are warned no later than 120 hours (5 days) before the competition!

In case of a late warning about the absence at the competition (less than 120 hours before the start of the competition), the entry fee is not refundable.

The entire responsibility for the use / performance of the work in the competition (permission of the authors, intellectual property and copyright issues) lies with the performer.

The organizing committee has the right to use and distribute (without paying fees to participants and guests of the competition) photos, audio and video recordings, printed and other kinds of products produced during the competition and upon its results.

For an additional fee, the organizing committee may assist in organizing transfers and accommodation for contestants from other cities and countries.

All the costs for the fare and meals of the competition participants, teachers, managers, and parents are paid by the participants themselves or the responsible party.

Sincerely, the organizers of IMUSIO competition.

This regulation is an official invitation.

Phone for communication with the organizing committee of competition:
+7 925 597 30 32
Filimonov Boris

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